Useless professionals Or Psychological war of the American bayonet. In the beginning of 2006 the Ministry of Defense of the USA published "the Four-year military review" in which among others there was risen a question about the changes which ripened in the sphere of application and preparation of the forces of special operations. They specified the necessity of developing the forces of restraint taking into consideration the situation in the world, increasing the mobility of various kinds of armed forces during their complex application, further developing services of investigation and its technical means, centralization of commandment and management. The governance of the Pentagon paid special attention to the necessity of increase of potential of the USA for sphere of psychological war. In opinion of analysts, the army should learn to operate not in various countries, but in various societies when military successes are measured not by the sizes of controllable territories, but by victories on a cultural-psychological field. In this connection the role of special operations forces (SOF) which component are bodies and divisions of psychological and informational war considerably becomes more important. One of the main tasks for SOF is supposed to be destruction of the ideological base of "adversary".Ascertaining inevitability of active actions in interests of "national safety" of the USA worldwide within the nearest 20 years, the governance of the American Ministry of Defense considers application of SOF to be one of the basic kinds of foreign policy activity of the United States in various parts of the globe. At the same time the actions in the information-psychological sphere are considered as one of the major elements. Specifying the necessity of developing mobility and readiness of SOF for performing tasks in any conditions, the governance of the Pentagon marks the priority of developing a number of special skills to which it refers the ability to quickly and effectively organize "interaction" with local authorities, population and separate groups or individuals. From the context of the considered document it is clear, that under "interaction" the authors mean "use" in interests of "democracy". The necessity to know culture and languages of the regions where special operations are held coordinates by the experts of military department of the USA to the level of efficiency of using local infrastructure: social, economic, ecological during such operations. In opinion of the Pentagon, the SOF experts «should be capable to train partners intensively and to work together with them, to use third parties, to operate secretly and to maintain greater presence, remaining less appreciable». The SOF staff should maintain and develop the existing level of knowledge of languages and cultures of other countries, making thus an emphasis on the profound knowledge of regional specificity in key geographical operative areas: the Near East, Asia, Africa and Latin America. For achieving common aims during long operations the basic attention should be paid to the establishment of personal relations with foreign military men, representatives of safety forces, and also «agents of influence».Formation of new divisions of psychological operations serves as the acknowledgement of what value they give in the Ministry of Defense of the USA to victories not only in the battlefield, but also in information space.In 2006 the Pentagon has formed a new group of psychological operations of fast response. The basic purpose of creating the new structure - the opportunity of directing PR and press experts within two days in the order of command of any operation with participation of the US Army wherever it was held and whatever character it had. The group is formed as a separate division, which is directly subordinated to the incorporated command of the US Army and is deployed in Suffolk (state Virginia). The commander of the group is colonel S. Campbell. In 2007 the new division staff is planned to consist of 48 people. The budget of the new structure amounts from 4 up to 8 million dollars a year. The staff of the group has experience of practical work. Its employees were directed for performing tasks to the areas of the USA, which had suffered from hurricanes "Katherina" and "Rita" in summer of 2005, some people worked in Pakistan after a destructive earthquake in October of the last year.According to Campbell, the entirely completed group is in sight of being divided into "teams" specializing in functional and geographical attributes. But they as well foresee the "universality" of employees which should be capable of conducting agitation-and-propaganda operations where it is necessary for the command. The experts of the group are sure to be supplied with own equipment of communication, photo-, audio- and video equipment. In the middle of 2006 the incorporated branch of psychological support was organized at the Ministry of Defense of the USA. The headquarters of the division is located in Tampa (state Florida). The staff of the branch consists of 38 experts in conducting the psychological operations, two experts in script and video script. By January, 1st, 2006 the staff of the division consisted of 113 people, and the budget amounted 77.3 million dollars. The tasks of the division are preparation of television preview trailers, advertising on radio, web-sites and in newspapers for improving the USA image, and also the American armed forces in opinion of the world community.In the beginning of 2006 the Pentagon allocated 300 million dollars for the latent propaganda of the American antiterrorist policy. The «wrongly scolded» image of America is intended to be “washed out” worldwide, including those countries which help the USA to build democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan. Within the limits of PR-campaign it is planned to involve all accessible means - newspapers, the Internet, radio, TV, and even T-shorts and car bumpers. The Ministry of Defense of the USA promises to observe the law and to publish "the truth, and nothing but the truth". In this connection there is a fact that attracts attention, that, according to "the Four-year military review", surcharges to salaries of the American military men for knowledge of foreign languages, in 2006 have reached the point of 12 thousand dollars. Besides, they mark the opportunity of attracting any military man knowing a foreign language to participation in information-psychological operations. However, it is planned to involve civilians in such operations even more actively, than before.Thus, according to the plans of the Pentagon, within the next few years SOF of the USA Army will not increase only numerically, but will also gain ample opportunities in conducting psychological operations.However any instrument, no matter how good it may be, will not guarantee success at initially wrong approach to business.For example, professionalism and high technical opportunities of the same psychological operations forces of the USA make no doubts. Their success during intrusions into Afghanistan, Iraq, and antiterrorist operation in Philippines are well-known.But those were operations of tactical plan. No professionalism and technical opportunities can correct the fact, that the American "militarized" foreign policy is erroneous basically.As mentioned above, the application of SOF for the sake of struggle against terrorism worldwide will be prolonged, in opinion of the Pentagon analysts, for not less than 10 years. The Russian Federation has recently declared its readiness for using the special-purpose forces against terrorists in any point of globe. However, unlike the USA, it is the only point Russia limits itself with. The American strategists absolutely differently imagine the role of their armed forces in the business of protection of national interests of the United States.In the Field Service Regulations of the Land forces of USA FM3-06 “Forms and ways of application of forces in city conditions” it is specified, that: «Taking into consideration presence of a significant amount of large settlements in the world, land forces of the USA (in squad from a division and above) would quite often have to operate in conditions of dense urban building and in residential suburbs. Such actions will be conducted in support of operations of the incorporated operative formations, performing tasks in interests of maintenance of national safety of the USA». It would seem, eaten billions dollars and thousand lives of the American military men, conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq should have brought home to the governance of the USA understanding of hopelessness of the scaled armed interventions and occupations. Years passed after cheerful declarations about the final victory of democracy in these two countries, but the situation there is worse and worse. The commander of the incorporated coalitional forces in Afghanistan general Dan Richards admitted in one of the interviews in October of 2006, that talibs at that time controlled up to 60 % of territory of the country. Today the situation, if changed, is not in favor of the American armies. The commander of the incorporated coalitional forces in Iraq general Tommy Franks declared in autumn of 2006, that the country still slips in chaos of civil war more deeply. It is enough to watch daily news reports to be convinced, that it is really so. And the situation will be hardly corrected with new 20 thousand American military men, especially because they do not represent elite armies at all. Еhe Americans had already sent to Iraq all elite armies they could.Having overthrown the regimes by the intrusion from the outside, which at the very least controlled the order, the USA and their allies could not maintain even the appearance of stability. On the contrary. Afghanistan and Iraq are captured by intestine bloodshed, the peace population perishes by tens of thousands, and the world terrorism gathered new staff. At the same time «coalition forces of maintenance of peace» remain occupants for all contradictory sides. In such conditions all rather big potential of POF is wasted - the sermon of peace is not perceived from the lips of those, who destroyed this peace. Even more, the governance of the USA sees the "peace" in the American standard. And persistently instills «democratic values» by soldiers’ bayonets.One could also remember that, besides military aggression, the USA uses actively other forms of intervention in other countries’ affairs - for the sake of «maintaining of democratic processes». And this leads to crises and kindling of new (or resumption of old) conflicts. There is no need to go far for the examples – it is enough to look at the newest history of Ukraine, Georgia or Kirghizia. But this subject is obviously beyond the given article.